Kirk Douglas, named as one of the fifty top American film stars by the American Film Institute, has had a distinguished career in television as well as motion pictures. All proceeds received when purchasing copies through the links below will be donated to the charitable activities of The Douglas Foundation.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1973)

A highly respectable London physician performs a medical experiment on himself and turns into a monster.

Mousey (1974)

A high school teacher separated from his son plots revenge on his ex-wife.

Arthur Hailey's The Moneychangers (1976)

A bank president announces that he is dying with no heir to take his place, and informs the bank's officers that he is letting them choose a successor.

Victory at Entebbe (1976)

An Air France airplane with a large number of Israeli and Jewish passengers is hijacked by the PLO.

Remembrance of Love (1982)

A Holocaust survivor attempts to find the woman he once loved and the child he fathered.

Draw! (1984)

In the final days of the Old West, a former desperado faces down a now drunken ex-sheriff who was his long time nemesis.

Amos (1985)

A former minor league baseball player clashes with the manipulating nurse who runs the old age home where he has been placed.

Queenie (1987)

A half-caste beauty emigrates from India to Great Britain, pursues fame and fortune at the cost of personal happiness, and becomes a Hollywood movie star.

Inherit the Wind (1988)

In the 1920s, two of the country's greatest lawyers face one another at the trial of a Tennessee high school teacher arrested for bringing Darwin's theory of evolution into the classroom.

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Yellow: episode from "Tales from the Crypt" (1991)

A World War I soldier is accused of cowardice.

The Secret (1992)

A man can no longer hide his long-held secret when he sees that his grandson also suffers from dyslexia.

Take Me Home Again (1994)

An elderly traveling salesman convinces his son to accompany him on a last journey home. (Also known as The Lies Boys Tell.)

The Day the Violence Died: episode from "The Simpsons" (1996)

The Simpson kids meet an old hobo who claims to be the animator who created one of their favorite cartoon characters.

Bar Mitzvah: episode of "Touched by an Angel" (2000)

An elderly self-made man, formerly contemptuous of religion, finds himself undergoing a bar mitzvah at the same time as his grandson.