In addition to his books, Kirk Douglas has written articles and editorials for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and The Huffington Post. Their subject matter is both topical and perennial…whatever he felt important to address at the time. You can download .pdf files or access his articles on-line by clicking the links below.

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"What Old Age Taught Me" – Newsweek, August 11, 2008

From the perspective of a long, successful career, Kirk reflects on the advantages and blessings of old age.

"To Be in the Race Is to Be a Winner" – Los Angeles Times, February 16, 2004

As the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award, Kirk reflects on a Best Actor loss in 1956…and the much truer than trite fact that all nominees are really winners.

"My First Cigarette, and My Last" – New York Times, May 16, 2003

Kirk recounts his history of starting and stopping smoking, while focusing on the film industry’s unfortunate role in glamorizing this deadly habit.

"Heroes with Solid Feet" – New York Times, April 23, 2001

In this op-ed piece, Kirk tells of a Jewish woman he met upon receiving an award at the Berlin Film Festival, who stayed in the city throughout World War II, protected by several ordinary, heroic Germans.

"Enmity Is Not Inborn" – New York Times, November 20, 2000

After a trip to Israel, Kirk reflects on the Jewish-Palestinian conflict and his hope that it might be resolved by the generation to come.

"Sex Gossip Begone: End the Tabloid Era to Fulfill America’s Potential" – Los Angeles Times, May 7, 1998

In this article written at the time of Monica Lewinsky scandal, Kirk expresses his dismay at the ill effects of the "tabloidization" of American politics.

"A Champion of Better Nursing Home" – Los Angeles Times, July 14, 1986

Kirk returns to the subject of elder abuse in an editorial-length letter written to Abigail Van Buren’s nationally syndicated "Dear Abby" column.

"Abuse of the Aged Must End" – New York Times, August 20, 1985

An editorial prompted by Kirk’s awakened and shocked awareness of elder abuse during the filming of the popular television film Amos, which dealt with the subject.

"Kinderstube, Los Angeles! We’re All Ambassadors This Year" – Los Angeles Times, May 21, 1984

Kirk urges his fellow Angelenos to put their best foot forward to visitors to the 1984 LA Olympics. Perhaps his appeal helped contribute to the Games’ huge success…