In addition to his books, Kirk Douglas has written articles and editorials for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and The Huffington Post. Their subject matter is both topical and perennial…whatever he felt important to address at the time. You can download .pdf files or access his articles on-line by clicking the links below.

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The Road Ahead - Huffington Post, September 19, 2016

As the 2016 Presidential election approaches, Kirk reflects on the past and delivers a warning. 

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Remembering My Longtime Friend, Nancy Reagan - Huffington Post March 11, 2016

Kirk reminisces about his friendship with the recently deceased first lady.

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"The Killing of Cecil Reopens a Shameful Memory" - Huffington Post, August 7, 2015

Kirk speaks out against big-game hunting.

"An Open Letter to All Those Who Would Be President" - Huffington Post, July 13, 2015

Kirk asks all presidential candidates to address the issue of America's history of slavery.

"A Letter and a Challenge to HuffPost Readers" - Huffington Post, April 2, 2015

Kirk challenges readers to bring back the art of "real" letter-writing.

"I've Made About 90 Features, but These Are the Ones I'm Proudest Of" - Huffington Post, December 9, 2014

Kirk talks about his favorites from among his own films.

"Remembering My Friend, Elaine Stritch" - Huffington Post, July 24, 2014

Kirk's heartfelt remembrance of a friend and wonderful actress.

"Reflections on Stroke Awareness Month" - Huffington Post, May 5, 2014

Kirk tells us about his devastating stroke and his recovery.

"Pope Francis Is a Good Man for All Religions" - Huffington Post, January 9, 2014

Kirk finds the new pope a role model.

"My Birthday Wishes" - Huffington Post, December 9, 2013

Kirk's 97th-birthday wishes.

"Fiddler on My Roof" - Huffington Post, November 5, 2013

A sculptor puts a fiddler on Kirk's roof.

"Strictly Speaking" - Huffington Post, October 10, 2013

Kirk shares a poem written by his speech therapist.

"Will Technology Replace Thinking?" - Huffington Post, October 3, 2013

Bemused musings on smart phones and computers.

"Reflections on the Day of Atonement" - Huffington Post, September 12, 2013

On the occasion of Yom Kippur, Kirk reflects on the scourge of racism.

"Let's Live Longer" - Huffington Post, August 28, 2013

Kirk reminds us that smoking is not movie-star "cool," but deadly.

"On Rejection" - Huffington Post August 16, 2013

On rejection, which is an actor's, and everybody's, lot - and acceptance.

"Love Lasts" - Huffington Post, July 15, 2013

Kirk on the life-long power of love.

"On Jews and Justice" - Huffington Post, July 1, 2013

Kirk talks about tolerance, intolerance, Judaism, and his childhood.

"America's Cowboy Days Are Over" - Huffington Post, June 5, 2013

The star of many western films speaks out for gun control.

"We Are Spartacus" - Huffington Post, June 12, 2012

Kirk's reflections on the publication of his book I Am Spartacus!